Aegis Precision CNC Machining Precision CNC Machining
Machining for America since 1962
ProGAGE calibration management software
AEGIS Precision CNC Machining

Quality Assurance

  • Enclosed room for inspection
  • Purchase new gage blocks annually
  • 16” Horizontal Comparator
  • Profilometers, traceable gauging
  • ProGAGE calibration management software
  • Large array of indicators including: micrometers, calipers, variable thread measuring systems, pin gages, thread measuring surfaces
  • Control of measuring equipment
  • Low Defect Ratio
  • Less than 100 ppm in defects
  • Continual Improvements
  • On-time performance is over 95%.
  • Aegis Standards yield AQL levels better than military requirements
  • Responsive customer service
  • Use of DNC system offers short lead times and consistent repeats


5411 Industrial Road - Fort Wayne, IN 46825-5107
Phone: 260-483-4160 - Fax: 260-484-6480

  27" Lathe Swing Capability ISO9001:2000 Registered